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nice work!
the only thing i'd like to address is the way his hat drops. i think it could feel a little more realistic if it came from a little higher... feel me?
anyway, i'm gonna go check out more of your stuff, bye! :D

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DailyToon responds:

I Totally agree. There was a few things i wanted to tweak but the hat certainly needs to ark differently, i just have to be strict with how much time i spend on my weekly challenge :P

I'm happy to be finally able to watch this piece, and i'm also happy to have participated in it!
Great editing and great choice of music! Even though in the end there were not as many entries as we hoped, I VOTE FOR A SECOND PART!
Here is my promise: If there will be a second edition of the sheep collab, i will contribute at least FIVE sheep. Here we go guys! :D

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Lalo responds:

sweeeeeet! Next chines zodiac animal is the monkey, so maybe we could do something around that for 2016!

this is great!
but i think for timing reasons it would have been better if the moment where the guy jumps out of the bush would have been shorter. you see, the point of all this is in exactly that scene, but somehow the surprise was spoiled because of the "long" jumping-out.
can you see what i mean?
a good example for the timing i'm talking about would be happy harry's "a slice of action".

keep up the good work!

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Sykohyko responds:

I know exactly what you mean. It's actually how I first pictured it, but when I started animating it I got carried away in making it all epic.

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great atmosphere, chilling music, just perfect.
nothing else to say.

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i would give you a 8 for the whole thing (i really liked the simple graphics and the style) but it's really annoying that the highscores always open after losing.. i stopped playing because of that.. sry..

maybe you can make a button to see the highscores if you want?

nice stuff but

there where some really nice pics but some of them looked kinda... boring.?
the tomfulp pic was kind of traced and maybe you should have better used a higher framrate so that the pic scrolls more smooth...
don't get me wrong, i liked the flash but there were just some points i didn't like.

oh yeah and it's alien hominid and not homonid... :P

JKAmovies responds:

I didn't trace him, I just tried keeping the same look as JohnnyUtahs version,

The Frame rate was 60FPS. . . Trust me, it ran fine :P

Thanks for the comment :P

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also ich persönlich steh nicht auf diese art von musik aber es freut mich so etwas auf newgrounds zu sehen!

oiso i persönlich steh ned auf di oat von musik oba es gfreit mi dass i sowos auf newgrounds siach!

i personally don't like this kind of music but it makes me happy to see this on newgrounds!


a-rest responds:

und wie alle bayern natürlich dreisprachig!!!!
und wia olle bayan selbstverfreilich in drai sprochn.
and like all bavarians in three languages.
hats off, huat op, Chapeau.(hoppala, des warn jetz 4)
thank you

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I agree with the user below me (Douzeju).
Also, i'd totally buy a copy of this.. if it was a poster! [Any plans on doing such a thing?]

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adam, this better be a teaser for a comeback. i'm dead serious.

.... please.

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i think this is a really wonderful piece.
to me, almost everything is perfect - except for the two branches in the upper left corner... i think they look mirrored, so they keep stealing my attention. i'd try placing the right one lower, maybe you can achieve some sort of guideline from the upper left corner down to the center where she's sitting.
anyway, more importantly: i'm amazed by this work and as Sabtastic mentioned earlier, a print would be super neat. in case you work it out - notify me! :D

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min3ralWater responds:

There, the branch was an easy fix. It bugged me too but no one else seemed to notice.
Thanks for the kind words! If I happen to stumble upon a printer with which I happen to print out a few copies of this piece, I'll be sure to notify you.

After a long time without using newgrounds i decided to produce some goodies for all the nice people here. So i picked up this account again. While i sorted out my old submissions i still left some online.

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