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Sunken Forest Sunken Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I agree with the user below me (Douzeju).
Also, i'd totally buy a copy of this.. if it was a poster! [Any plans on doing such a thing?]

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We've Been Waiting We've Been Waiting

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adam, this better be a teaser for a comeback. i'm dead serious.

.... please.

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girl and troll by swamp girl and troll by swamp

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i think this is a really wonderful piece.
to me, almost everything is perfect - except for the two branches in the upper left corner... i think they look mirrored, so they keep stealing my attention. i'd try placing the right one lower, maybe you can achieve some sort of guideline from the upper left corner down to the center where she's sitting.
anyway, more importantly: i'm amazed by this work and as Sabtastic mentioned earlier, a print would be super neat. in case you work it out - notify me! :D

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min3ralWater responds:

There, the branch was an easy fix. It bugged me too but no one else seemed to notice.
Thanks for the kind words! If I happen to stumble upon a printer with which I happen to print out a few copies of this piece, I'll be sure to notify you.

The Diamond Assasins The Diamond Assasins

Rated 2 / 5 stars

alright, here's for some feedback:
overall this picture seems a little unfinished due to lack of elements. the main and only character is placed in the center, drawing your attention towards him/her. this is the next thing i want to point out: although the figure looks quite nice (almost as if it was taken from some kind of game or something) i'm having a hard time figuring out whether this is a male or female character. i guess it's female since the hair looks pretty feminine.
something really important i want to address is the choice of color: sadly the sky has almost the same color as the figure's hair, making it really hard to distinguish one from another (maybe a better contrast in colors would make it easier to understand whether this is a guy or a girl). also the person wears green-ish clothes which is another main color in the picture (because of the grass). maybe you should have taken colors which don't blend too much.
as for the lonely cloud: it kind of steals the attention. i guess it's supposed to be part of the overall background but in the end there are almost no background elements which make the few existing ones more important.
so, in the end there is to say:
this doesn't look like too much, but i can see potential. the figure looks nice but i think you should have taken more time on the surroundings as well.
if you are interested in doing more works of this kind i can recommend you to visit, a website which provides great resources and has many different artists who you can learn from!

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haz14 responds:

wow i never thinked that out . thanks ill do better next time . she is a girl, check my more thing idk how to draw some boobs.