the HYDRA says thank you!

2014-08-24 17:27:58 by OctoFlash

Hey newgrounds!

Just decided to make a quick public post, saying a big THANK YOU* to all of you nice people who keep playing, liking and reviewing my game, HYDRA. Of course 33% of that 'thank you' belong to Tom, for featuring it on the frontpage! Super nice!

In case you are looking for what i mean, here's it: click me!

*see, i said it as big as i could :31804565_140891559953_thanks_hy.jpg


2014-08-04 16:50:03 by OctoFlash

*EDIT 15th Aug.*
So, problems fixed, the game is online! :D


*EDIT 13th Aug.*
the game has been in the portal but i took it off again after some bugs regarding medals and the scoreboard showed up. as soon as those are resolved, it will be back again!


Hello people!

Hold on tight - this is a teaser for my new game, HYDRA! Release date is on 13th of August, so make sure to check the portal on that day and give your best rating.

The game will be full of bloody swordfight action so you definitely don't wanna miss it! ;)

Here's a little something in advance: