Entry #2

the HYDRA says thank you!

2014-08-24 17:27:58 by OctoFlash

Hey newgrounds!

Just decided to make a quick public post, saying a big THANK YOU* to all of you nice people who keep playing, liking and reviewing my game, HYDRA. Of course 33% of that 'thank you' belong to Tom, for featuring it on the frontpage! Super nice!

In case you are looking for what i mean, here's it: click me!

*see, i said it as big as i could :31804565_140891559953_thanks_hy.jpg


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2014-08-25 03:21:30

It's a really cool game!
It reminds me of that cut enemy from Half-Life 2 called the Hydra; it didn't really look like anything in your game but it was the same kind of enemy. Except HL2 didn't even have them in it.

OctoFlash responds:

what? i didn't quite get it, sorry. thanks anyway, glad you liked it!


2014-08-25 05:45:02


OctoFlash responds:



2014-09-02 12:40:39

This game is awesome! :3, Trying to Crack the Password is hard!... is it ok if i tell? idk password tho well great game, improving by time to time